Centre Responsibilities

Responsibilities and Liabilities of Centre Director

1. Indian Institute of IT & Skill Development (IIITSD) provides single source for quality assurance in Computer Education, Skill Development Education, Vocational Training, Technical Education and all type Educational Development of every category Students of India

2. IIITSD Training center have a good Maintained computer lab and Vocational Training Lab. The computer lab contains high configurations computer Networked with Internet, Head Phones, and good Quality Systems Configuration.

3. Centre Director have to Read and understand all Particulars, Email, Documents send by IIITSD Head Office for.

4. Centre Infrastructure like Furniture, Display Boards, Facilities, Good Location, Decent and Spacious Accommodation, Proper Enquiry Counter, Fixed and known office timing, Proper Lab Room & Class Room.

5. Experienced Qualified and communicative faculty, proper reporting to head office and Polite and persuasive handling of students are important for successful Authorized Training Centre IIITSD.

6. Centres have to Enroll Minimum 20to 50 Students to Provide Training in Various Academic Courses to RenewLicense without making any Charge.

7. Centre has to undertake Local publicity like pamphlets, communication campaigns and popular programs etc.

8. Closing down of the branch/ Centre without exclusive permission of the IIITSD Head Office is not allowed if any Centre Director do so the liabilities with regard to student Certificates, Cash collection, Centre expenses in Previous etc. will be exclusively that of Centre and in no case shall be carried forward to IIITSD Head Office, in fact IIITSD Head Office can take legal action and can report the matter to the Police on its own. .

9. Course should be conducted as per the norms laid down by IIITSD Head Office from time to time and in areas allotted to them.

10. Issue of Certificate/ Diploma/ Marksheet is done only by head office after successfully complete the course and passing the examination (Internal or External Assessments.) and such as Centre Director should keep in mind that they are in no way authorized to issue Certificate/ Diploma/ Marksheet of any student, any course.

11. To make all payments pertaining to proper operation at the Centre like rent of the premises, salary to staff,electricity, and water bills, and such other expenses in time any liability created by Center Director in this regard will be exclusive his/her own and will not be carried forward to IIITSD Head Office.

12. For more about rules and regulations Centre Director has to understand the agreement between IIITSD–Authorized Study and Training Centre and IIITSD Head Office.